City Geography

Westcrown is split into three Paregos (“great regions”), each of which is split further into regos (regions or sectors).
All locals know this information automatically; other characters can find out with a DC 10 Knowledge or Diplomacy check.

  • Parego Regicona (“The Floating Palace”), or Westcrown Island
    Rego Corna (“Crown Sector”), former site of the Imperial Court of Cheliax
    Rego Laina (“Blade Sector”), known for its high-quality smithies and armories
    Rego Aerum (“Treasure Sector”), home of rarities for sale
  • Parego Spera (“Hope’s Altar”), the still-occupied sections of the city
    Rego Scripa (“Scribe Sector”), now populated by trade warehouses and ship-related businesses
    Rego Pena (“Coin Sector”), home of rich merchants and dubious (albeit lucrative) businesses
    Rego Sacero (“Priest Sector”), contains a staggering amount of shrines and temples of all faiths
  • Parego Dospera (“Despair’s Altar”), the abandoned northern ruins and slums
  • Rego Cader (“Dead Sector”), northern ruins inhabited by squatters, thieves, and monsters
  • Rego Crua (“Blood Sector”), former centre of Westcrown’s slave trade
  • There are two rego outside of the three traditional paregos of Westcrown.
  • Rego Funda (“Farm Sector”), the hilly farmland between the city and the Adivian Bridge
  • Pripatra (or Rego Patra) covers the noble estates bordering the Dhaenflow

Authority Figures

These names are known to your character with a DC 10 Knowledge check.

Lord Mayor Aberian Arvanxi, mayor of Westcrown and House Arvanxi patriarch
Vassindio Drovenge, House Drovenge patriarch
Asad Grulios, House Grulios patriarch
Octav Julistarc, House Julistarc patriarch
Bartolo Mezinas, House Mezinas patriarch
Eirtein Oberigo, House Oberigo patriarch
Marcus Phandros, House Phandros patriarch
Kajen Tilernos, House Tilernos patriarch
Lictor Richemar Almansor, commander of Citadel Rivad and leader of the Order of the Rack Hellknights
Duxotar Iltus Mhartis, commander of Westcrown’s dottari
Durotas Saria Roccin, captain of the Spera dottari
Durotas Scasi Bolvona, captain of the condottari
Durotas Arik Tuornos, captain of the rundottari
Durotas Lhiana Strikis, captain of the regidottari
General Vourne, commander of the Gemcrown Bay imperial fleets
Casarus Vitallain, harbourmaster

Westcrown Glossary

All locals know this terminology. Others can make a DC 10 Knowledge check or DC 15 Linguistics check to pick up on the local lingo.

Adel: A small, personal barge
Dottari: The Chelish city guard. There are three dottari subdivisions in Westcrown.
Condottari: “Canal wardens”, guards of the rivers and canals
Rundottari: “Ruin wardens”, guards of the northern ruins
Regidottari: “Palace wardens”, guards of the palaces and noble estates
Durotas: A captain of the city guard
Duxotar: The commander of the city guard
Haloran: A lantern-bearing staff
Pyrahje: Man-sized torches that light major areas of Westcrown by night
Parego: “Great region,” one of the three major districts of Westcrown
Rego: A region or sector of Westcrown
Vira: A Chelish estate
Wiscrani: A resident or something from Westcrown

There are local names for Chelish minted currency. All coins have the head of Queen Abrogail II engraved on the reverse side.

Copper pinch: a copper piece, engraved with the Asmodean pentagram
Silver shield: a silver piece, engraved with a shield emblazoned with the insignia of Cheliax
Gold sail: a gold piece, engraved with a Chelish ship
Platinum crown: a platinum piece, engraved with the imperial crown of Cheliax

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