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Tools needed to participate in the game.

Have ventrilo installed.
We also run maptools .b89.
Ingame chat will be done through maptools and ventrilo. Make sure when using
ingame chat to use “((message))” to let everyone know it is meant for OOC.

To keep track of items and gear we will continue to use the google docs. After each session though under the Items tab I will post the entire list of loot.

Allowed Source material

Use this wiki to list the available rule books, websites, and other published material players can use to create and/or advance their characters and that contain rules that are used to run the game.
Also, list published materials that are explicitly disallowed if necessary.

Core Rulebook
The Council of Thieves – Player’s Guide

If you want to consider something outside of the sources listed bring it to me first. Only in extremely rare circumstances I will allow “exceptions”.


Character creation:
*20 point buy in.

  • first level max Hit Die the rest are rolled in maptools under my supervision.
  • Core Races/Classes
  • Average starting gold
  • At least 1 campaign trait from the Council of Thieves Players Guide
  • Background story that will compliment your campaign trait
  • Any archtype/feat/trait/spell/item are allowed as long as it is within the books defined above


Unless otherwise stated experience points are to given at the end of each game session.
As DM I will award the party experience based on the total collective amount of experience points they earn.
Failing skill checks, skipping content may result in experience points being missed or penalties meaning you will be under leveled for some content.
With that being said I will give out levels if deemed necessary such as just leveling you upon completion of a book.
Using meta-game knowledge, playing in an unfair manner, and cheating may result in EXP loss or expulsion from my game.

Looking up a creatures stat block during combat, reading the adventure path books are just two examples that come to mind.


Start at the base experience point value and level of average party level.
PC death occurs at 10+Con Modifer as opposed to standard pathfinder rules.

House Rules
As GM I am free to add or remove house rules if I deem necessary.
After you declare an action you must take it.
Also after moving your token and letting go of it is considered a move action. Reason for this is because on how removing FOW/VBL works in maptools.

Declaring a withdrawal action, moving your token, and completing the move action. Then realizing after the fact the creature has reach and you will provoke an AOO.

I the DM state that the creature has reach and will take an attack against you due to this Aoo. This is non-negotiable.

A character is considered dead if HP reaches 10+Con Mod.
When casting a spell in combat and that spell requires verbal components you may not speak in the same round.
If you want to speak in your initiative keep it short as each round represents 6s of real time.
Responding to a question from someone earlier in initiative means you can only respond on your turn.

Jimmy leads the initiative table by rolling a 23. Jimmy says to the wizard to cast fireball 20ft. in front of him.
Mr. Wizard rolled a 12 on his initiative and will be able to respond to Jimmy on his turn or cast his spell.

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