bK-The Council of Thieves

Pathfinders games

the party is still level four with the same fame, there was minor technical issues that caused the stream to end early we won the fight with the howlers then did some healing.

Here is the stream


the party has made to level 4 Fame has reached 7 fame and Stream links below

Part 1

Part 2

Battle the bastards!!

The party had earned 1335 for beating up two shadow beast like a bosses. Ran around town, spending money, selling loot and then attacked a powerful bandit group. However we made a fatal mistake ending with 2 of the party captured and the others dead. The party earned 1 fame point for a total of 4, for honesty.

A record of our antics part one

And here is the second half

Optional Quests?! Whitechin Goblin King & Bandits!

Party has earned a total 500xp for doing the optional quests thus far.
Additionally the party has earned 2 fame points to get a total of 3.

Video recap below:
p(oembed). Goblin King & Bandits 6/25/13 VOD


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