Six Trials of Larazod Roles


Casting Larazod
Larazod is one of the play’s two starring roles (the other being, of course, Montigny Haanderthan, who is being played by Thesing). As such, Robahl wants the best actor from the PCs to play
this role. He asks every PC to read Larazod’s first (and lengthiest) line from the play, the soliloquy that begins “Larazod knows no lies, great magistrate…”

Casting Dentris
Dentris is a sharp-tongued wizard who has a knack for biting insults and a quick wit, and who acts almost as a father figure to Larazod. To cast Dentris, Robahl asks each PC to insult and berate him, and to do so as wittily and cruelly as possible.

Casting Tybain
Tybain is the comic relief of the play, a bumbling paladin whose devotion to Aroden is even more comical in this age, due to the deity’s death. Traditionally, Tybain is the character who
dies first in the play, but the longer he can survive, often the better the play is received. Thus, the actor portraying Tybain must be able to deliver his performance while being constantly on the defensive. For this casting challenge, Robahl has each PC stand on stage one at a
time, invites the other PCs to join him in the crowd, and then asks the PC on stage to recite Tybain’s first line of the play the one that starts “Hurl his arrogance…” while dodging rocks and rotten fruit hurled by those in the audience.

Casting Drovalid
Drovalid, as the torturer who has a change of heart and joins Larazod’s side to protect him, is the toughest character in the play—he often ends up being the star combatant of the performance, and thus, the actor portraying him must be able to speak his lines while being on the offensive. For this casting challenge, Robahl has the PCs mount the stage one at a time and asks
them to deliver Drovalid’s first line the one beginning “Magistrate Maleficarum…” while at the same time striking a blow with a weapon at a “flying monster.” This monster is in fact a swinging sandbag filled with red sand inside a metal bucket that Millech swings down at the PC at some point during his line delivery. As the target approaches, the PC can make one melee attack with a weapon of his choice against the bucket’s AC.


Six Trials of Larazod Roles

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