Kevin Leafblade

Skittish pretty boy bard.


A tall, slender and handsome human. with a winning if a bit creepy smile. Scar just over his left eye from a childhood “accident” practicing a sword duel with his cousin. Pale skin red hair and green eyes.


Kevins sheet

Kevin was born in to a small acting troupe his father Albert lead, famous for their stage battles where most everyone dies and there exciting use of makeup to show this deaths. Kevin was initiated very young in to the acting world first being used as… a baby that gets murdered by a jealous lover to standing on the stage side to sing and give course to the play. Like most actor children he saw little of his father as he had the troupe to run and lady’s to woe, instead he was taught most of his skills by the others of the troupe fencing, acting, singing, dancing where all things he picked up. Kevin was gifted with a strong voice that lent itself to narration but his quiet demeanor made it easy for him to be menacing. His studies never seemed to interest his father and his mother was rather wishy washy and was more interested in her own career then her sons and Kevin began to resent his parents. When he was preparing for his first big role as the tragic child hero murdered saving a lovely queen his father presented to the troupe his cousin Crixus a year older and from a military family who parents were murdered for whatever reasons or another the boy held his bow as if it was his only friend. Kevin at first did not like his cousin at first in fact his father’s interest in Crixus made Kevin very much angry and Jealous making him at first very cold to him. One day as Kevin practice his fencing his cousin pointing out flaws in his stances and even told him how his weak build was preventing him from falling utilizing his weapon and instead focus more on his agility. The two grew up respecting one another to a point but Kevin could never understand or forgive his father interest in Crixus trying to make him the next big actor of the troupe that was ever steadily sinking into debt do to his father gambling and other bad habits. When was still young around the age of 18 his father was found dead with 3 street prostitutes, a large amount of illegal drugs and gambling debts numbing in the thousands of gold pieces. The troupe sold off everything props, costumes, there wagons and ever there prized trained halfling stage slaves what little money that was left after paying all the debts and actors was divided among the family leaving not much left for Kevin and his mother, who promptly abandoned the boys for some rich noble lover. Kevin parted with the others, took on a alias as Kevin Leafblade and performed at an inn for food and lodgings and was doing very well when he met an wounded elf woman desperately trying to find a place to stay as night was fast approaching sharing his room and spending much of his savings from performing on a cure portion to help heal her injurers the two fell in love and married. Together the two found some small success from performing a short part of famous play of a demon seducing a pure woman, his taint turning the woman into a great tyrant queen. Thus far his life has been uncomplicated.

Kevin Leafblade

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