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Erik Smith, Or Erik The Knight. Is well known within Cheliax as a fine actor, often playing the part of the noble hero.

Despite his upbringing as a Paladin of Eristil he has found common grounds with locals through his skill as an actor. He does what he can to inspire others through his simple acts and stories of men far greater then he could dream to be.

As such, his direct order see’s him as an out cast of the paladin sect, the religion it self, and acts of worship never sat well with Erik, and instead he offers a quite prayer to his deity, upholding his vows in his own way.

In the past few years Erik has travelled from city to city trying to find his part within. once rumours of Westcrown, struck his ear Erik believe Erstil was pushing him towards a city where alone her order could not touch. He would be able to use his performing arts to join the sects within and through him, slowly route out the evil that has plagued this city. A task that he should bide his time with.

Now it has been over a year that Erik has lived in West Crown, and he has witnessed first hand the horrors of the hellknights, until now no one has stood up to these creatures of the night, or the menacing order ruling this town. but now there is a chance, the Children of westcrown, a small but righteous group have started to work on the hearts of the people. He would join their cause, and aid them as he could.


Erik Smith

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