Callen Thro


Callen was born in the city of Westcrown a long time ago, his parents were wizards themselves and always vowed to use their skills for good. He never saw Westcrown at the top of it’s glory and neither have his parents, but every night, they would tell him stories about the olden days and how they would bring peace back and make the city florish again.

One sad day, Callen came back home to find it empty, the furniture was turned over and there were signs of a battle, blood on the floor and broken tables. He was surprised to learn from his neighbour that earlier that day, Hell Knights had come to his house and arrested his parents. Apparently they were dragged out of the house, barely breathing. He never saw them again, nor has he heard from them, wether they’re still alive or not, he had no clue.

That day he vowed that he would keep fighting the good fight and do what his parents died trying to do, take down the corruption of the city and bring it back to how it once was.

Callen Thro

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